Friday, March 7, 2014

Will you be my friend?

Why is it so hard to make friends once you become an adult? 

All through school it was easy. It just happened. "Oh you like licking paste? Me too! Let's be friends!" Or "you hate showering after gym class in front of the gargantuan PE teacher with the butchy haircut? Me too! Friends!"

Then college was simple. You share a bottle of some potent liquid with someone, and BOOM. You're besties. Someone else holds your hair, now she's your bestie too! 

But then you get in the real world and it's hard to get to know anyone on a more personal level. You've got work or the kids to lead you to the friendship, but them you've gotta have something to back it up. 

So here's a couple things lately that have worked for me since having the girls:

1. I bought something off someone on a local resale site. I went to pick it up and she was nice, her house didn't stink, and the kids were the right age. I think at one point I might've actually said "so do you want to be friends?" and then laughed awkwardly. 
She said yes. 

2. I asked an acquaintance for her cell number. Then I texted her "you are a hussy." Somehow that formed a bond between us, and although she's a ginger, we've become quite close. 

3. Met a nice mom at playgroup. I was miserably pregnant and sick, she was miserably pregnant and sick. It just made sense.
When we realized my daughter Glamour was to be born on her son's bday, I think that just sealed the deal. 

So get out there. Talk to everyone and anyone. Fly your freak flag. 
Someone will eventually like you, or at least tolerate you enough to hang out once in a while. 

If all else fails, I'll be your friend. :)


  1. Lol yes making friends is so hard for me now.

  2. Being all growed up kinda sucks...

  3. Serial killers are always looking for friends!

  4. #2 representin'!!! Our hussy-ness certainly sealed it. I think.

  5. I've made a new friend recently by rocking up to her house (two doors down) and asking her and her kids over to play. I was so nervous. She was grateful! Worst that can happen is she says "No. Get lost, you creep!". Lucky that didn't happen :)