Saturday, March 22, 2014

I might run away today.

Yesterday was amazing.

We had an excellent playgroup, we got McDonald's, we played with The Hussy (my ginger friend) and her girls, we played with my Sister Wife (my neighbor friend) and her kids, we had homemade pizza for dinner, and we all went to bed early and peacefully. 

And then...

10:30pm - Glamour was up. I got her back down easily and went back to bed, taking a few minutes to check Facebook and what not. Dozed off by 11. 

12:00am -  Glitz needs me. Frantic shouts for "MOMMA! MOMMAAAAA!!" I half stumbled out of bed, trying to grab my glasses and phone at the same time. Only got the phone, so although I had a flashlight, I could barely see to open the app. 
Me - What do you need??
G - mommy, you make this horse talk. 
Me - it's not time to make horses talk. It's time for sleep. 
G - but . . . I need fresh water. 
I stumbled blindly to the kitchen, got fresh water and ice and threw it at her from the doorway and crawled back in bed by 1:00am. 

2:00am - Glamour is up again. Orajel and a sippy of water and she's good. I was on my way back to bed and Glitz caught me in the hallway. 
G - momma! I need to go potty! 
Helped her go potty, reiterated that this wasn't the time to make the horse talk, got more ice for her water, tucked her in four more times and fell back into bed by 3:00am. 

4:30am - Glamour is up. Again. Chewing on her hands and yelling "paw paw!" which is Glamour-speak for Paw Patrol. Gave her ibuprofen, orajel, a baby doll and headed back to bed. 

5:00 am- Glitz shows up in my bed, asking to watch Paw Patrol on my tv in the bedroom. (What is with that dang show?! It's like crack for kids.) 
I said no and put her in a submission hold until she passed out. 
I mean until she drifted off to sleep. 

6:30am - every appendage and her water bottle are tucked UNDER me. I unearthed every last pokey appendage and pushed her back to the other side of the bed. I moved as far as I could to the opposite side to avoid her. 

7:30am - "Good morning mommy!! Let's have breakfast!"

^^ that's what I imagine she looked like when she said that. I wouldn't know. 

This was the abridged version. If you'd like the full unabridged version, I invite you to come spend the night with us. 
No. Seriously. Please. 


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  1. I envy your yesterday... what are these "friends" you speak of?