Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ISO their real mom

I was just putting my makeup on in the bathroom with the door shut. It was so peaceful and relaxing. 

I could've been getting ready for a date, or on my way to an important board meeting. Or maybe on vacation in a tropical place, maybe with the floor but out to where I could see the fish and the water under my hut... 

BUT THEN -- the door bursts open, and all of a sudden there's a tornado of tutus and leggings and ponytails and a dog and a jump rope and the sounds of "momma, Daisy's wearing a Sofia skirt!" from one, and "eats?" followed by a bite on my leg from the other. I screamed, stepped on the dog who took that as a personal offense and yipped at me, Glamour screamed because there's a ruckus, Glitz wanted me to wipe her butt, and all I can think is . . . 

Who ARE these kids? 

Where did they COME from?? 

They're cute, but their real mom is probably missing them by now. 

If you see their real mom, give her my number and tell her they'll be waiting outside on the sidewalk. 

Please and thank you. 



Saturday, April 5, 2014

Glitz and the skeletons.

So, Glitz sees skeletons. 
Or so she says. 

This started several months ago. Here's the background story. 

A few days after that, OG was in the garage, doing something manly with his tools. Glitz found a shiny wrench and asked if she could have it. 
He said sure, but questioned what she planned to do with it. 
She said "I'll take it to bed with me every night so I can smash the skeletons in the face."
Okay kid. That's cool. 

Fast forward last night. She hadn't said much about them lately, but out of the blue - 

Glitz: momma, momma! I saw a skeleton the other night and he had WHITE FEET!

Me: . . . yeahhhh? Um. Do they not usually have white feet? 

Glitz: No. They only have wheels. I can hear them squeaking down the hall and rolling into my room.

Me: Mmkay. You go ahead and keep ahold of your wrench tonight. Smash 'em in the face if they come in. 

I went in to check on her later and this is what I saw. 

She's such a sweet little skeleton hunter.