Friday, January 9, 2015

Droppin' bombs

I was brushing my teeth the first time I thought I heard Glitz say it. She was directing it to Glamour. I was in shock at what I thought I heard. My child doesn't say that. Did I hear her right? Did she really just say that?

I put down my toothbrush, wiped the foam from my mouth, and ran out to the living room, although I'm not sure what I expected to see. They were both just sitting in their beanbag chairs, watching Wallykazam.
They have every episode memorized. They're like little Wally super fans.

I gave both of them my usual "I'm on to you" look and went back to my Sonicare and my quest for proper oral hygiene.

The second time she said it, I was more sure of it. We were in the car on our way home from pre-k, and I heard it.
I knew I heard it.

"Did she really say that?" I pondered to myself as I simultaneously turned down the music and turned to look at her with a "did you really say that?" look on my face.

Her face held no proof that she had really said it.
She just smiled sweetly at me with such an air of innocence, as if she could do no wrong.

At dinner tonight, I heard her say it again, only this time was loud and clear. There was no mistaking it. I witnessed the whole thing as if it was in slow motion.
Glamour was standing beside her chair taking a drink from her water. Glitz walked over to her and bent down to look her square in the face . . .

"Glamour, I love you." 

I froze. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I couldn't even grab my phone to catch the hug that spontaneously occurred after she dropped that bomb.

She said she loved her!
She loves her!
She finally finally loves her!

That made my heart so happy, to hear her say it so openly and honestly and, most importantly, without being prompted.

Love that little stinker.