Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Princess Glitz and her Demands of Epic Proportions

This morning for breakfast, Glitz decided she wanted a waffle. Here's a snippet of our conversation. 

Glitz: I want a waffle... a blueberry waffle!

Me: would you like it hot or cold?

Glitz: hot. No, warm. On a plate... No, no  plate. 

Then she waited patiently while I got the waffle to the perfect temperature. (Of course I'm lying.) 

I delivered it to her with promptness and a smile. I was quickly reprimanded for my  enthusiasm. 

Glitz: don't smile momma. Don't ever smile. 

The next several minutes went something like this: Cut it. Don't cut it like that. I didn't want it cut!! 
I don't want to feed it to myself. Feed it to me. 
I don't want to move my mouth, you make my mouth move!
I can't hold the fork, you do it. Hold it right there so I can see it. Now let me hold the fork. The fork handle is warm, I didn't want the fork handle to be warm!!!!

Finally, after the waffle was cold and soggy, she decided it had reached the perfect temperature and preparation. 


Hope your breakfast was less demanding than mine. 


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