Sunday, March 16, 2014

What did YOU accomplish this weekend?

I am pretty much THEE most accomplished person you'll read about today. Let me just share with you the things I've gotten to do this weekend. You can be jealous, that's cool. 

1. I got to eat cold macaroni and cheese out of the pan with a wooden spoon over the sounds of Peppa Pig. 
Yay! No extra dishes!

2. I got to clean up grape juice from Glitz, her chair, her jammies, the floor, the dog toy, and Glamour's shoe. 
Yay! Here's to spot cleaning the floor! 

3. I got to wear my pajama pants all day because any distance greater than 14" resulted in a monster meltdown from Glitz.
Yay lazy jammie day! 

4. I got to run the same load through the washing machine for the third time because I let them sit so long.
Yay! No clothes to fold! 

5. I got to experience what a tissue must feel like, because I had snot wiped on me no less than 48 times. 
Yay for being a human Kleenex! 

6. I got to feed Cap'n Crunch to the birds in the backyard since Glitz dumped half the box on the floor. 
Yay wildlife!

7. I got to sit on my butt during both of Glamour's naps today because Glitz needed me to watch Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas with her. Twice. 
Yay for ignoring the blatant need to do housework! 

8. I got to sleep a glorious total of 12 hours over the course of three nights because my kiddos just love hanging out with me. 
Yay for middle of the night parties! 

9. I got to eat dino chicken nuggets for nearly every meal because that's all Glitz wants to eat right now, and with OG at work, there's no point in me cooking for just me and Glamour. 
Dinos and steamed mixed veggies again? 
Yay! Easy meal planning! 

10. I got to drink my coffee while playing fetch with Glamour. It's not really *exactly* like fetch... I mean, she's not a puppy... but she really enjoys bringing the ball back after I throw it. And it bought me like 20 minutes of relative peace. 
Yay lazy parenting! 

Oh and best of all - I got to pee with an audience EVERY SINGLE TIME! Yaaaaaay for never ever being alone! 

I hope you've had as fabulous of a weekend as I have. :)


Here's a pic of Glitz and Glamour swinging. Because they're cute.